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The maverick martzen memorial scholarship

The M30 brand was created with the sole purpose of providing a platform for us to continue Maverick's legacy. One of the ways we continue his legacy is with the annual Maverick Martzen Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to several student athletes each year. M30 is looking for the student athletes that go above and beyond in their community, and youth sports programs through coaching and volunteer work. We review several scholarship applications each year and try to pick out the ones we feel best represent who Maverick was. 

We thank all that have joined with us in this special way to continue Maverick's legacy through your donations and M30 gear purchases. This scholarship would not be possible without all of you. If you would like to learn more about the scholarship, or to find out how to apply, please use the contact form and send us a message. If you would like to partner with us in continuing Maverick's legacy, please use the donate button located below.

meet the scholarship recipients


elijah Mendoza

Elijah Mendoza was the first ever recipient of the Maverick Martzen Memorial Scholarship. Elijah was Maverick's basketball coach. He spent his high school weekends helping teach young kids how to play the game that he loved. Elijah loved to watch Maverick play and the two would feed off of each others energy often breaking out into random dance moves after Mav or his team would score or make a good defensive play. After Elijah graduated from Selma High School, he attended the forestry program at Reedley College. There he would learn the skills necessary to become a fire fighter. Elijah continues to give back to this day. He spent many days in the summer of 2020 battling the many wild fires that scorched the state of California. He worked the Coyote fire, Trimmer fire, Hills fire, Coalinga fire, Creek fire, and the Bullfrog fire. We are proud to call Elijah a part of our family. It has been an honor to be a part of his journey. Thank you for your continued efforts to protect this state and to give back Elijah!

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